Developer API

For configured accounts, the Developer API section of My TargetSmart provides the following:

  • Access to provisioned services
  • Access to your API key
  • Web forms for exploring TargetSmart’s API services

The platform provides low latency data access web services (HTTP), allowing developers to integrate TargetSmart data into their applications easily.

Before using the services, TargetSmart Client Services will provision an API key configured with access to one or more endpoints.account.

Contact TargetSmart Client Services or TargetSmart Sales to discuss your integration use-case.

TargetSmart provides a public uptime status dashboard.

API Endpoints

Each service is attached to an endpoint that identifies the context and service:

Contexts identify the data set accessible by the service:

  • person: Returns results across the voting age population (VAP)
  • voter: Returns results for registered voters
  • service: Workflow executions, informational data or other resources
  • consumer: A non-political endpoint returning consumer fields

Common JSON Response Keys

All services return JSON records. In addition to service specific keys, each service returns the following:

  • input: Mirrors the request parameters
  • error: Indicates error if appropriate, or None if no errors occurred. All errors start with one of:
    • Authorization Error: Indicates a service is not configured for your API Key, contact TargetSmart Client Services
    • Validation Error: Indicates invalid request parameter values, review the Docs for details on accepted parameter values for each service
    • Query Error: Indicates a malformed query sent to the database
    • Internal Error Indicates an unknown error, contact TargetSmart Client Services and provide the entire response for assistance
  • gateway_id: Used internally to identify requests
  • function_id: Used internally to identify requests
  • states_updated: (If voter records are requested) Voter file update date information represented as a JSON object where keys are two character U.S. state codes and values are dates the state voter file was last updated. The date format is YYYYMMDD.

HTTP Codes

  • 200 Successful request, which may still include an error in the response
  • 400 Missing required parameters in request
  • 403 API access denied, confirm your API Key before contacting Client Services
  • 500 An internal configuration error
  • 504 The service timed out, retry or revise your request

Data Dictionary

Fields returned in records are configured by Client Services. See Data Dictionary and Downloads for details on available fields.