Data Products

The following TargetSmart Data Products are supported through the TargetSmart Platform:


TargetSmart’s market-leading voter file, widely-known as the highest-quality voter file is frequently updated with vote history and political district changes, and contains our powerful partisan, turnout, and issue-support models.

VoterBase contains the contact and voting information of over 208 million voters sourced from the statewide voter registration files from all 50 states and Washington, DC, and 53 million unregistered, voting age consumers sourced from commercial data files. Thousands of campaigns each year rely on the unparalleled accuracy of VoterBase data to power their fundraising, research, and voter contact programs.


TargetSmart’s database of cell phones is multi-sourced and constantly tested and updated. CellBase can be used in conjunction with TargetSmart’s other phone records to achieve higher contact rates than ever before.


TargetSmart’s database of political contributors represents more than 6.7 billion dollars in political contributions over the past 10-15 years and includes contributions to state and local candidates and committees. We source data from multiple state campaign disclosure data sources.

Intellibase Platinum

TargetSmart’s national compiled marketing file, enabled with dozens of powerful demographics, lifestyle, behavioral, and affluence characteristics on more than 200 million consumers. IntelliBase Platinum helps identify prospects most likely to respond to both traditional and digital marketing

Consumer Data

TargetSmart core data is enriches with third party consumer data to provide additional insights and targeting power.

Early & Absentee Voter Data

During primary and general elections or other requested elections, TargetSmart collects the early and absentee votes, ballots requested and returned leading up to election day.

Voter File Update Schedule

The voter file update schedule provides guidance on when state voter files will be acquired and released by TargetSmart.

Voter file releases are indicated by date values in blue. Click these links to view associated release notes.

Click a state code in the leftmost table column to access additional state-level notes curated by our client services team.

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