In addition to the powerful Explore interface, ListBuilder can render a standard set of useful dashboards. Dashboards provide an alternative avenue for viewing visualizations and defining order segments. For many common criteria you’ll find a dashboard already exists.

Just like Explore, clicking a measure value will allow you to add the corresponding records to an order segment.

You also have the option of downloading the current dashboard you’re viewing. To do so, click on the gear in the top right hand corner and select the option to download as either a .PDF or set of .CSV files.

Available Dashboards

  • Universe Top Lines
  • Universe Pollster Counts
  • Person Demographics
  • Phones, Cells, Emails v2
  • Voter Registration
  • TargetSmart Current Addresses & Districts
  • Voter Registration Addresses & Districts
  • TS Scores: Action
  • TS Scores: Democratic Support
  • TS Scores: Demographics
  • TS Scores: Issues
  • TS Scores: Moral Pillars
  • TS Scores: Religion
  • TS Synthetics: Urbanicty & Census
  • Vote History: Election Rollups
  • Vote History: General Elections
  • Vote History: Municipal Elections
  • Vote History: Primary Elections
  • Vote History: Presidential Primary Elections

Custom ListBuilder Dashboards

We can provision a custom ListBuilder dashboard to meet your organization’s needs. Contact TargetSmart Client Services to discuss.