Automation Workflows


Execute custom file processing workflows on-demand with TargetSmart Automation. Automation is a data solution tailored to meet your organization’s file processing needs.

Contact TargetSmart Sales to get started with data solutions customized to meet your organization’s requirements.

Automation workflows are designed to your organization's unique file processing needs. For our standard list matching solution, see SmartMatch and its API.

An Automation workflow can be executed in two ways:

  1. Using the My TargetSmart Automation console (described on this page)
  2. Developer integration. Seamless integration of TargetSmart workflows into your applications.

Common workflow scenarios:

  • Customized data integration
  • Customized record linkage and identity resolution
  • Custom data quality processing (Mover maintenance, Merge/Purge, Enrichment)

Automation console

My TargetSmart includes an Automation console allowing authorized users to initiate workflow execution.

Launch Automation